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Kendal Arts Community

On the 14th December 2011 a small group of Kendal based artists, artisans, craftsmen and writers met at Ruskins bar to chat about the idea of creating a Kendal based art community which is open to all.

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Kendal Arts Community

We aim to incorporate as many people as we can across a wide range of disciplines and abilities to encourage artistic development in the local area.

Being a group means we can all gain support in our various practices, as well as creating opportunities less attainable/affordable on ones own.

Being a member doesn't mean that you have to be involved in everything, you can be involved as much or as less as you like. The whole idea is to be pretty open to everyones ideas.

If you would like to be involved feel free to join the group where we will keep you up to date with meetings, opportunities etc. There is no joining fee and all roles are voluntary.